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NSF BioMaterials Workshop
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Biomaterials is a rapidly emerging component of the materials research enterprise. Biomaterials research covers a broad range of activities that includes the development of materials used for delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents, construction of medical devices that must be compatible with living systems, and scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Another aspect of biomaterials research involves exploiting mimicry of, inspiration by, or co-opting of biological systems to enable creation of novel functional materials. For the purposes of the workshop, the various aspects of the field have been captured under the following topic headings: Cell-Material Interactions, Dispersed Systems, Hard Materials and Composites, Soft Materials, and Thin Films and Interfaces. Expertise in all of these areas will be represented among the invited workshop participants. The workshop will involve a mix of plenary speakers, breakout sessions devoted to the topics listed above, and a panel discussion on the subject of biomaterials education. A formal workshop report will be issued by the steering committee. The workshop report can be expected to guide the biomaterials community (educational institutions, commercial organizations, and funding agencies) in directing their resources toward the most critical and important biomaterials research challenges.

Tuesday, June 19th

8:15-8:45am Check-in, Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:45am-12:15pm Morning Plenary Session
12:15-1:30pm Lunch and Panel Discussion: Biomaterials Education
1:30-3:00pm Afternoon Plenary Session
3:30-6:00pm Breakout Sessions
  Hard Materials and Composites (Leader: Lara Estroff)
Soft Materials
(Leader: Dennis Discher)
Cell-Material Interactions
(Leader: Kristi Anseth)
Dispersed Systems
(Leader: Paula Hammond)
Thin Films and Interfaces
(Leader: David Tirrell)
8:00-9:30pm Breakout Sessions Continue


Wednesday, June 20th

8:30-10:00am Breakout Sessions Report: Solicitation of Feedback
10:00am-12:30pm Morning Breakout Sessions: Refine Workshop Input
1:30-4:00pm Afternoon Breakout Sessions: Discussion Groups write reports
4:00-5:00pm Afternoon Session: Feedback to NSF
5:00-5:15pm Concluding Remarks and Departure


Thursday, June 21st

All Day Organizing Committee writes report


2012 Workshop